8 December 2013

Little Doone Sweet Balsamic Dressing - Chilli (Lake district) [reviewby @NLi10]

This one is another holiday find.  Whilst on a nice long walk on one of our last days in the Lake District I spotted a small shop with lots of local and indie foods.  These were mostly ingredients and not snacks, but I did find a few ranges that other people may be able to get that I hadn't seen before.

One of these was this Little Doone sweet balsamic dressing.  We do tend to get through a decent amount of balsamic vinegar, although I do like rice vinegar too.  The idea of a premixed dressing using it was appealing, especially one with a chilli hint.  The little book contained an extra chilli eclipse too so I knew I wasn't going to be regretting the heat too much.

While the lid didn't have a built in pouring mechanism the liquid was thick enough so that drizzling wasn't a problem.  I decided to try it one one of my favourite things to add balsamic to - bacon!

I'd got some sizzling streaky bacon and American style fries that I could try it out on.  The balsamic is definitely the main flavour in the dressing, with the chilli coming as a bass flavour which underpins things nicely.

It livened up the chips no end! Since this initial meal I've tried it on a variety of things (including a future review) and it's worked really well. While the chilli could have been a little stronger I really like this and have been conserving it just in case I don't manage to find more.


Anonymous said...

Fries? Looks like Pasta to me.

NLi10 said...

It is indeed pasta!

The perils of doing reviews on the go. I can reassure readers that I have had it on pasta, fries, waffles and even wedges and it's all good.