31 December 2012

Kit Kat Coconut (Choose A Chunky Champion) [By @Cinabar]

It’s back on. Kit Kat Chunky have released four more new flavours of bars as a trial, and they are up on Facebook for you to vote for your favourite. The one with the most votes gets to stay on the shelves. Last time I got rather excited about the peanut butter edition, but this year I plan to just work through the varieties with an open mind. On the list we have Coconut, Hazelnut, Mint and Chocolate Fudge. I managed to pick up all four bars in a local newsagent, and I thought I’d start by trying the coconut.
Once it was unwrapped the coconut aroma was lovely and strong, and it blended well with the sweet smell of chocolate. Strangely enough there was no specific layer of coconut running through the bar, the flavour is all mixed in with the milk chocolate coating. I was expecting a layer of Bounty style coconut, but on appearances it looked much the same as a plain Kit Kat Chunky.
The flavour was rather lovely though. The coconut was creamy and sweet and worked well with the chocolate. It wasn’t too strong or over powering, just well balance and adding a nice balance to the flavours. It tasted almost cooling to eat, and it reminded me how much I like coconut. Why aren’t there more coconut bars on the market?
I love the fact that they tried something a bit different for this Kit Kat Chunky, it adds a lovely bit of exotic to the mix. I’m also looking forward to trying out the other three flavours, but I’ll be honest this is going to be hard to beat.
By Cinabar
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paulham said...

"this is going to be hard to beat."


One person's meat is another's poison I suppose.

cinabar said...

What's your favourite then?

Obviously my heart is firmly with peanut butter given a straight choice - but so far so good with the new coconut one :-)

Anonymous said...

Bring back Chunky Orange I say!!!

paulham said...

The cinnamon one that was available in Canada a couple of years ago.

Now sadly out of production. :(

cinabar said...

Oh dear god... I think a cinnamon Kit Kat may well be the ultimate - even beating peanut butter :-o Me want!!

paulham said...



Unknown said...

I just reviewed the Mint and Coconut varieties today. I agree on most of your points Cinabar, as I often do, but... is it just me, or are these flavours of Kit Kat Chunky really rich?!

I found that I thoroughly enjoyed them, but I couldn't down a full one in a single sitting (and I often do with regular Kit Kat Chunky!)

cinabar said...

Toto - The only one that was too rich and sweet for me was the hazelnut - other than that my sweet tooth enjoyed them all.