29 December 2012

Swiss Chocolate Miniatures/Neapolitans (Marks & Spencer) [By @cinabar]

There are some chocolates which you associate just with Christmas. For me this includes Toblerone, Terry’s chocolate Orange and Neapolitans. I’m not sure what it is about Neapolitans that I like so much, perhaps it’s their miniature nature? You can kind of feel like a giant eating a whole bar in just one bite… err, that’s just me isn’t it? Anyway I was pleased to receive some of these chocolate over Christmas.
There are three varieties within the box, milk, dark and milk with hazelnuts.

Milk chocolate – (blue wrapper) – This was a surprisingly soft milk chocolate, that was very sweet but easy eating. The chocolate was also rather silky in texture which gave it a nice hint of luxury.
Dark chocolate – (red wrapper) – This chocolate was a lot firmer than the milk and would have a decent snap (if you ever wanted to break a small Neapolitan). The flavour was quite strong and very rich. It was less sweet than I was expecting, but brought about a flavoursome treat.
Milk chocolate with hazelnuts – (orange wrapper) – The was made with the same soft milk chocolate as the pure bar, but actually managed to pack in a fair amount of nuts, albeit in tiny pieces. It had a lovely hazelnut flavour and a nice bit of texture too.

All three chocolates are lovely, I just would have like a little more variety in the flavours. Perhaps a coffee, or an an orange one or a caramel and a white chocolate for example? I’m not sure what other makes are doing Neapolitans this year, but I might have a nosey on Saturday – before they all disappear again for another year. It’s a shame Terry’s don’t make them any more as I always used to get theirs, and I don’t seem to have settled on a substitute yet.
By cinabar


Hannah The Review Addict said...

I love M&S Swiss Milk Chocolate. Like you say, it's a shame they didn't include a white chocolate!

cinabar said...

I'd like a few other flavours too - I used to to love the boxes with loads of different ones that you could get a few years back.

Jules said...

I've always like the Lidnt ones, but they're so hard to get hold of now!