16 December 2012

KP Frosted Honey Roast Nut Selection

Ah - Christmas products! The season of buying food that you never personally get to eat. Sometimes this is due to giving this away as presents, and other times this is due to buying things for parties. I guess this bag of KP mixed nuts is for parties (indeed we bought it as a 'not empty-handed' gift for a party we went to) but as it remained unopened we rescued it and took it home.

They ended up at work and unbeknownst to me they were highly coveted by my colleagues for a week or so. Finally one of them cracked and suggested they would rather try those nuts than the Koh-Kae ones I was eating myself. Never one to turn down an opportunity for a group test I obliged.

This resulted in a mass devouring that saw three people eat half a bag of nuts in short order. According to the bag that's a complete portion each and a little extra. I looked into what made these so moorish.

The bag is peanuts and cashews mostly, but with honey on the outside and an odd salty dust sticking to them. The main selling point appears to be the chocolate costed honeycomb bits that are also mixed in. This combo of sweet and salty is pretty amazing and it's no wonder I had to hide the bag within 5 mins of opening them!

There are other things in the new seasonal range, but I forget what they were and I'm on a train. I'm planning to pick up more of these (despite the premium price point) for table snacks at work and home Xmas gatherings - possibly as big a discovery as the KP Nutsters (or a peanut inside a Pringle) like the aforementioned Koh-Kae peanuts.

One that's sure to become a festive recurrence.

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