9 December 2012

Dairy Milk With Oreos (Cadbury World) [by @NLi10]

While I was at Cadbury World I spotted something that both excited me and saddened me in equal measure in their big shop.  This was the following chocolate bar - Dairy Milk with Oreos (seen below with dog to stop it from sliding down on the chair - the new wrappers seem shinier somehow).

This is exciting as I like Cadbury and I like Oreo, but sad as it signifies the mixing of brands from the Kraft family into the beloved local Cadbury chocolate.  So far it hasn't been too bad - Kraft have been pretty experimental with their use of the Cadbury crumb and show no signs of shutting down Bournville in favour of cheaper rents elsewhere.  Product diversity is good for people like us, but it does feel like a bit of an unholy union.

Essentially the bar is white chocolate with Oreos in it surrounded by Dairy Milk.

The biscuit bits are more generous than the picture suggests, there are bigger bits in the squares of the choc but those pictures didn't come out very well.  Being a fan of both of the sides of this (but actually more likely to buy a pack of Oreos than a bar of Dairy Milk) I am confused by what this is.  It seems to have focused on the thin white creme of the Oreo - the dominant flavour and possibly the majority of the chocolate are this.  This goes well with the Dairy Milk, possibly overpowering it slightly, but means that the flavour is more like a white chocolate than a normal Dairy Milk.  The biscuit is noticable and very crunchy in parts but the flavour is swamped.

Don't get me wrong - this is fairly enjoyable, but it feels like a miss.  I don't think it'll appeal to biscuit lovers, I don't think it'll appeal to fans of Dairy Milk, and fans of white choc are likely to overlook it due to it's milky exterior.  I'll bet they tried all the other logical combinations (hopefully including using Bournville Choc on the outside to match the dark bourbon of the Oreo) but decided that this was the best.  As a 'Dairy Milk variety' it works well enough, but I wouldn't expect this to become a renowned product in the range so grab one while they still exist if you fancy a try.


Jules said...

found this at Asda and actually really enjoyed it! very moreish, and reminded me more of milka than of cadbury's

Unknown said...

You, I, and Cinabar seem to have quite similar tastebuds. Oreo biscuit always seems somehow... coffee-tinged in taste, a burnt, dense taste that really doesn't work well alongside milk chocolate. In fact, I rarely say this, but I would go so far as to say Oreo probably needs a searing creamy-sweet white chocolate to pair properly!

Hannah The Review Addict said...

I've had a bar of this sat in the cupboard for ages but still haven't got round to trying it. I loved the Milka and Oreo so will be interested to see how this compares.

NLi10 said...

Actually i can see people who like more Swiss style milk choc enjoying this more. As a biscuit fan it was a little underwealming though!

cinabar said...

Its a nice bar, but a bit rich. Loving the idea of a Bournville edition ;-)