8 December 2012

Oishi Prawn Crackers Spicy Flavour (Pinoy Foods, Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

These Oishi Spicy Prawn Crackers were made by Liwayway, in the Philippines. Packed in a 60g they had a 30g serving size which had 130 calories, with 4g fat and 2g sugar. Their ingredients included; wheat, corn, natural shrimp, garlic, fish sauce, spices, citric acid and paprika amongst other things. On opening the bag I was taken aback by the heavy fishy shrimp smell. I noticed these prawn crackers were thin stick shaped (see photo), rather than the usual rounded style crackers. The cracker sticks were very crunchy and had a wheat corn taste to start with, which was laced with a strong fishy shrimp flavour that finished with a tongue tingling spicy heat. Some text on the bag described how the shrimps were frozen to “lock” in their freshness until the day they were added to the prawn crackers as flavouring. I can certainly vouch for these prawn cracker’s freshness and heavy fishy shrimp taste. The spice added a pleasant burning sensation to my tongue and mouth making these prawn crackers very moreish indeed. I ignored the 30g serving size suggestion and scoffed the lot whilst watching Madagascar 2, which I thought was very funny, mainly because of the ingenuity of the mad penguin gang. I reckon a cartoon movie of those crazy penguins in their own adventure would work really well. Anyway, as usual I’ve digressed, Spicy Prawn Crackers; don’t let the strong fishy smell put you off, as they taste great! :-)
By Spectre

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