14 December 2012

Myojo– Spicy Lobster Hot Pot Flavour [By @SpectreUK]

This instant Noodles with Soup Base was manufactured by Nissin, in Singapore. The 119g contents of the cardboard bowl amounted to 509 calories, 20.3g fat and 6.5g sugar. On opening I noticed there was a big wad of stringy noodles and three sachets, which were; Garnish, which included; carrots, spring onion and chilli; Seasoning, which had powdered ingredients such as; fish oil, shrimp, cuttlefish, chilli, ginger, pepper, soya sauce and “imitation” lobster, which made me chuckle, considering the soup was supposed to be Spicy Lobster Flavour, and I could just imagine a crab trying to do an impression of a lobster to his crab friends at the bottom of the sea; and the third sachet was the soup base, which included ingredients such as; palmolein, spices, onion, chilli, garlic, and shrimp. There was also a warning on the bowl stating that this instant noodles with soup base contained wheat, soya, fish, milk derivative and shellfish, but only “imitation” lobster, as they couldn’t find a real lobster at the time. It made me wonder if any fish can do ventriloquism. Ocean based audiences must have seen the gargling fresh air trick a million times...

I read the preparation instructions on the outside of the bowl and added the soup powder and garnish to the stringy noodles before adding bowling water up to the line in the bowl. I covered over the bowl for four minutes and then added the soup base before stirring. The stringy noodles and three sachets mixed together in the recently boiled water very easily indeed. The noodle soup smelt like lobster, though I couldn’t detect any spiciness with my old nose. After the bright orange liquid had cooled a little more I braved a taste, and was rewarded at first with a fishy lobster flavour followed by a mouth tingling spicy chilli heat. This was a pleasant tasty hot spice, that produced a bead or two of sweat on my brow after a few messy stringy noodle mouthfuls, but wasn’t at all uncomfortable. I dipped in some bread whilst I chewed the noodles and then drank off the rest of the spicy orange liquid. I noticed there was some pepper left over in the bottom of the bowl, but other than that I emptied the bowl and dumped it unceremoniously into the recycling bin. I’ll have to hunt this Spicy Lobster Hot Pot Flavour out again and the Myojo’s Spicy Mushroom Flavour, which I have in the Foodstufffinds’s store cupboard. Although I’m looking for “real” mushrooms in that bowl, no “imitation” ventriloquist beetroot juice gargling turnip mushrooms!
By Spectre

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