15 December 2012

Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips (Good Food Show, Birmingham) [By @cinabar]

I have been desperate to try these new Jelly Belly beans since I saw them on some of the American websites. Who wouldn’t want jelly beans coated in dark chocolate? I was rather jealous when I heard about them, so I was super excited to find them at the Jelly Belly stand at the Good Food Show in Birmingham. I did enquire and they confirmed that these are going on sale in the UK and will be available more prominently next year – excellent news!
For practical reasons theses new Jelly Belly beans are presented in a gift box, with different sections for each bean. This is a necessity as the beans all look the same once they are covered in chocolate! The different sections are labelled on the outside of the packet so you know what you are getting. Included in the box are:

Very Cherry Chocolate – This one reminded me of black forest gateaux, there is lots of chocolate flavours and a strong sweet cherry taste. The dark chocolate is a nice contrast with the sharp sweet cherry.
Chocolate Orange – Wow there was lots of citrus tones, and the base jelly bean flavour added a lovely tanginess to the rich chocolate.
Chocolate Raspberry – I think the original raspberry jelly bean has a delicate taste. So when you coat that in a strong chocolate the flavour that comes through is even milder. It’s a pleasant bean and the delicate taste of raspberry is there, but it isn’t as strong as the others. Chocolate Coconut – Ever wondered what a Bounty would taste like if you turned it into a jelly bean, well this answers the question! The creamy tones of coconut are enhanced by the chocolate not lost with them, so this one is beautifully balanced.
Chocolate Strawberry – This bean had a good strong fruity berry base flavour, which was complemented by the chocolate and the two tones worked together perfectly. The jelly bean equivalent of a chocolate dipped strawberry – yum!

What can I say, this box did not disappoint! I understand that there is another selection box of these beans which is going to be available shortly, that one will include a mint bean among other goodies. I have thoroughly enjoyed these, so am very much looking forward to picking up that box too! I will have my eyes open as I think that Selfridges food hall is going to be one of the stockists. ;-)
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Saw these in Selfridges last weekend, was tempted to buy but didn't, wish I had now lol

Unknown said...

Hey Cinabar!! I had equally great experience with the Jelly Belly Dips, though I only had the orange ones, and thanks to you, I'm now re-craving.

I reviewed them on Toto Eats the World: http://totoeatstheworld.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/jelly-belly-orange-chocolate-dips.html

cinabar said...

May have to buy myself a bag of the mint ones from Amazon... ;-)