10 December 2012

Stumbling Badger (ASDA)[By @spectreuk]

The label on this ale caught my eye in the local supermarket and made me smile. No wonder the badger is stumbling a little at 4.9% volume. It was brewed by Sadlers in Stourbridge, which was my home town. On opening there was a very fruity citrus smell to this amber ale. It was brewed with Maris Otter Malted Barley and finished with both English and American hops. On tasting it had an initial full bodied fruity bitterness with citrus undertones, which smoothed in my mouth with sweetness like caramel to finally leave a bitter fruity aftertaste. Food suggestions on the bottle’s label were to enjoy this ale with either roast beef, roast turkey, meat pies, strong cheeses, stews, chutneys (presumably to go with the strong cheeses), hot pots or sausages. Personally I enjoyed this ale on its own on a dark stormy, cold and rainy night. It warmed me up a treat and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this ale with at least (all) eight of those food suggestions in the future... ;-)
By Spectre

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