26 December 2012

Pataks Turkey Curry Sauce [Festive Recipe] [By @Cinabar]

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and has been enjoying the holidays. One of the Boxing Day traditions is to eat up the turkey leftovers. This usually means turkey sandwiches or a reheated recreation of the original Christmas dinner. If you fancy something a bit different Pataks have brought out this new turkey curry sauce to brighten up any spare turkey.
When I looked at the jar I was a little concerned that the sauce might be a little sweet, with its mention of raisins and coconut. I tend to go for a medium spice curry sauce, but this is mild as I guess it is trying to cater for everyone and not introduce too many hot spices after all the previously consumed rich food. Although I’m happy enough with a mild sauce, I was still hoping for lots of flavour and not too much sweetness.
We made this sauce up with some spare turkey breast, red peppers and some mushrooms. I have to say it smelt lovely while it was cooking. Once made up it maintained its aroma and was quite a deep orange colour. The taste was actually quite impressive. Although the mentions of raisins had put me off a little, the sauce wasn’t weirdly sweet, in fact it had loads of flavour. There was only the very gentlest hint of any heat, but all the flavoursome spices shone through. It reminded me of a Jalfrezi curry without the chilli and it’s nice to see a mild curry pack in so much taste.
I realise that this curry sauce is a bit of a seasonal novelty one, but that aside it really is one of the nicest mild curries I have tried. It proves that you don’t need loads of chilli heat to enjoy a good curry. I should also say you can also make this curry up with chicken, if you managed to finish off all the turkey this year. ;-)
By Cinabar

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