20 December 2012

A few more Swiss Christmas things [by @NLi10]

Here are some more of my holiday pictures of snacks from Switzerland!

First up we have some kind of Ovaltine style malt drink that I had while playing cards at KABOOOM in Zurich. This is drunk cold which is a little odd for me as Ovaltine was always a warm bed-time thing, but it had the taste and the filling nature so was welcome in the snowy evenings.

These happy little fellows appear to be a kind of Christmas bread.  They had raisin eyes so I only ate a little bit of one.  The sticks varied from location to location with some having real twigs and others having chocolate.

I include this mostly for the pretty christmas tree shot, but the pomegranate green tea was quite nice (and tasted just as you'd expect a mix of the two things would).  The tropical drink was closer to our blood-orange flavours and also quite nice.

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