2 December 2012

My Cat's Advent Calendar (by @NLi10)

As pointed out earlier in the week the Advent calendar is nice no matter what your age.  In early November our local pet shop had this which proved that species should not be a limiting factor either.

This is an Advent calendar full of the highly-additive for cats Dreamies - which are made by the same people as Mars and feature adverts of cats jumping through brick walls.  As the calendar doesn't make the shakey-bag noise that attracts the cat and was sealed in foil it has been ignored by them until Dec 1st.

Here we see Duchess trying to figure out where the Dreamies are - they are hiding in the little deep pot.  I sprinkled some over the calendar and shared the rest out with the other two cats.

To me this was the end of it until it was time for the 2nd door, but opening the seal had unleashed the smell of 23 days worth of cat treats and Duchess was determined to find her way into the other doors (and poked her nose into the original hole just to check).

I think that she is convinced that she should be allowed to have them all at once - from the effect that a months supply of Mars bars would have on a human I'm guessing this isn't wise...

This has opened me up to the idea of edible advent calendars that don't contain chocolate.  Wouldn't it be good if there was one with a different retro sweet behind each door ( www.aquarterof.co.uk and www.thegobstopper.co.uk take note!).  This would be great as you'd have a fancy boiled sweet to suck on the way to work, or some liquorice or bubble gum and all the doors would be odd shapes to allow for packets of sherbet and other delights.  Surely that must be possible - even someone mainstream like Bassets could do one with all their varieties.

I'm not sure exactly what the cats would be counting down too as Christmas is a day where they are largely left to their own devices, but they do get a pull back and go mouse to play with for the final day.  I'm not sure that will be as popular as the edible surprises though, but we shall see.

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Lucy said...

You've got to spoil your pet(s) at Christmas! My dog apparently (I'm at university rather than home currently) has an advent calendar that has dog 'chocolate' drops in. He hated his advent calendar last year that very generously contained two treats, we'd offer them to him and he'd just look, maybe sniff them and then wonder off! Haha!

Well if I were a cat or a dog I think I'd totally love having an advent calendar, no matter how old you are or even what species you are in this case, it's nice to get caught up in the festivity! :)