22 December 2012

Baked Ham & Sticky Marmalade Flavour Crisps (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

One of the many reasons to love Christmas is the fantastic range of snacks and goodies that appear on the shelves. I have to say the Foodstuff Finds cupboard is looking pretty amazing at the minute and trying to choose a bag of crisps to share is quite a difficult task! Don’t worry we will be writing about all that we try over the Christmas period.
We finally decided on tucking into these Baked Ham and Sticky Marmalade Flavour Crisps from the Taste The Difference range at Sainsburys. When we opened up the bag the smell of marmalade was quite strong, and there was a lovely meaty aroma which followed. It was the other way round in taste though, and it was the rich ham taste that took the prime spot. There was just a gentle citrus tang with each crisp that enhance the meaty flavour. These were tasty well balanced crisps. The texture of the crisps was spot on, they were nicely firm, but not sharp and hard as some of the posher crisps can be.
I thought these were an excellent flavour choice, and I know our Christmas shopping is never complete without a baked ham in the fridge. They aren’t a novelty flavour though, just tasty crisps that would all year round.
By Cinabar

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