30 December 2012

Cherry Tree @FentimansUK & Ginger @BrothersCider [by @NLi10]

While out and about over this festive time I've spotted a few variations on things that I really like and felt compelled to try.  The first of these is Fentiman's new CherryTree Cola.

As you can see we are in the 'local' of The Junction Harborne which has kept me supplied in the D&B and regular (Curiosity) Cola while my disappointed friends work their way down all the speciality ales. This is indeed very similar to the standard cola in that it tastes like old style cola sweets and has a deep, pleasant taste only this time there are cherry sweets floating on the top.  The smell is strong but welcoming, and sips were had by all.  It was generally agreed to be a nice drink, but not one that you'd want to be on all night.  I think as a sip and chat drink this was spot on, but I couldn't drink two or three of these without being over cherries.  I shall pick op the odd 275ml of these and stick to the 750ml varieties of the other ones that I like to glugg in more massive volumes.

This next one is a variation on my favourite alcoholic drink ever - Brother's Cider.  This special edition has no real hint of Christmas to it's packaging either, but does use ginger to give it a bit of a kick.  A quick google says that this has been around since March last year in some places, but that people seem to struggle to find it!  I must be hanging out in all the wrong places.  This was Ms. NLi10's drink as she is much more keen on ginger than I am, but I have to say that this was most pleasant and something I'd buy for myself in the future.  The cider flavour was there and the ginger didn't overpower it but sat alongside to give it a touch of warmth.  Cider you can drink on a cold day is definitely a boon.  Another hit from the Brothers.


Grocery Gems said...

I've been trying to find the Fentimans Cherry Tree for ages. I do like their Curiosity Cola!

Jules said...

tried this a couple of weeks ago and loved it so much. joint favourite with their rose lemonade for me!

bob said...

I suspect this would be ace with some Captain Morgan. :-)