13 December 2012

Swiss Things (by @NLi10)

Here are a few things that I picked up while in Zurich last week!

Hiding by the checkouts was another dip style product that I'd not seen here since 2008 when Cinabar reviewed them.  I guess it must have been a limited launch thing that didn't take off in the UK.  It's still nutella and it has nice bread sticks.  Looses points for me having to take my gloves off to eat it though!!

Back in the warm with Swiss favourites Lindt I saw some of the sea salt chocolate.  We have this in the UK too (I picked some more up after returning) and it's a lovely one square at a time dark choc with a twist.  It's nowhere near as fancy as the FYI stuff, but it's certainly an appealing winter treat for yourself.  The salt gives the flavour a zing to it when you come across the crystals, which I found quite fun.

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Hannah The Review Addict said...

The Nutella dip looks amazing! It reminds me of KP Choc Dips only more awesome because it's Nutella. I am pretty much obsessed with the stuff!