6 December 2012

Krispy Kreme Christmas Selection (by @NLi10)

Here in Birmingham we had one of the first Krispy Kreme doughnut manufacturing places in the UK - I think it was maybe 3rd or 4th - in the brand new Bullring.  Times have moved on and now you can even pick these up in Tescos! To mark the refit of the shop (which I don't go in often enough to notice) they brought the FoodStuffFinds team some of the new season's selections to try!

Here we see the hot light on showing you can get freshly baked doughnuts. 

Usually there are lots of children's faces pushed up against this window but I went on a quiet Monday afternoon so the glass is nose-print free.  It's like a mini Cadbury World for doughnuts.

 Here we see the standard assorted dozen.  I'd love this slightly more if the two original glazed doughnuts were replaced with more exciting things, but only because I have a tendency to buy multiple dozens so have plenty of the vanilla ones.  In fact - I only buy Krispy Kremes once a year but buy 6 dozen to share for my Birthday at work.  My record is 6 KK in one day - the rest are all given away.

This time I ate only two:

Christmas tree - white creme centre and sugar ball topping.

This is essentially a vanilla creme chocolate topped KK, but with hard sugar balls on top.  These balls are just hard enough to be really annoying! I found that they were far too hard for the soft, fresh doughnut and I'd rather have the plain non-seasonal variety.  I love the crumble topped ones too, maybe change it to that.  They do look pretty, but not as cool as...

Snowman - white icing top with strawberry jam filling and a sugarcraft carrot nose

Part of me thinks that this would have been cool with a carrot centre, but that part of me is probably best ignored.  I loved this - the white icing top replacing the powder coating that is usually on the jam KKs.  This has the strawberry jam I think, but the raspberry is my favourite.  I'd have two of these instead of the Christmas tree.  And then I'd have some of the Raspberry filled one for pudding.  And then maybe one of those summer fruits icing ones. And then...


bob said...

I absolutely love Krispy Kreme and can no longer find it anywhere in my town. :..-(

paulham said...

It's a bloody disgrace that there are none in Scotland.

Lord knows we love our fatty foods!