27 December 2012

Snowballs! [by @NLi10]

There are lots of snack foods that are said to imitate the mighty snowball, so in honour of the UK dreaming of a wet christmas I thought I'd share a few.

First up are Tunnock's Tea Cakes - these have been around forever in snack terms and are still the same as I remember as a child - except these are new and have Dark Chocolate!  For those who are yet to try these it is a soft biscuit base with a huge marshmallow on top covered in the thinnest coating of chocolate imaginable so that the experience is heightened.  Switching the chocolate to dark doesn't make as much difference as originally hoped, but they are still great and even better when put in the fridge so the chocolate goes snap.  Well recommended as an interesting spin on a classic.  I got these in Asda so they are probably on general sale.

Next up is one my partner spotted at the Good Food Show in Birmingham - Howell's Handmade Snowy Joeys!  The main important distinction between these is that the top one being marshmallow means that it's unsuitable for veggies and vegans which makes sharing at home not an option.  In this case they are coconut covered madeira buns which means they are quite soft and have a lovely and unexpected texture!  As these were from a trade show I'm not sure where stocks them (smart supermarkets will be planning to grab them for next Christmas I think) but they have a website so you can jump the queue if you like.

Both lovely snacks for very different reasons.  Any other popular snowball treats out there that I've not mentioned?


Grocery Gems said...

Yum, those Snowy Joeys sound delicious!

For other snowball themed goodies - how about Cadbury Snow Bites? They are mini snowballs :)

Unknown said...

Scottish regional perhaps, but my absolute favourite cakes; Marks and Spencer Scottish Coconut Sponge Snowballs!

Also, your post was about snowballs, but you opted for Tunnocks Teacakes and not Tunnocks Snowballs!!

Slap Ni, Cinabar!!

Hannah The Review Addict said...

Snowy Joeys looks awesome. I hope they are more widely available next year, I think I would love them!

Georgina said...

Down here in London you can get coconut sponge Snowballs in Asda. They are delicious.

Liam said...

Both Tunnock's teacakes and the Snowy Joeys AND vegetarian! It's not proper marshmallow - it has no gelatine in it, like marshmallow fluff. It even says on the box!

NLi10 said...

Ha Toto - I forgot Tunnocks do actual snowballs too! (those aren't as new I guess), we did review the Cadbury snowballs but they aren't as fluffy and light.

Will have to investigate Asda and M&S varieties - not for reviews but for sale based over indulgence!

And Liam - I didn't even think to check if the tunnocks fluff was Veggie as I'm sure it wasn't when I was a veggie, but you are right - its technically a mirangue and has been all along! May decide not to tell partner until I finish those last ones... :)