1 January 2013

Kettle Chips – Blue Stilton & Port (Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

Happy New Year everyone!!! I just wanted to start this post by thanking everyone for their continued readership, it really is appreciated. Here’s hoping 2013 will meet everyone’s expectations and be a fantastic one!
On New Year’s Eve, we had posh snacks, and that included these rather lovely looking crisps. The flavour came about from a Facebook poll that Kettle Chips were running to celebrate their 30th Birthday. They contain real port and stilton, so I was hoping for something a bit special.
I am a fan of cheesy crisps, and these worked remarkably well. The cheese was creamy, but had that distinct blue cheese edge that really made the flavour. I loved the bite of the stilton; it had a lovely zing to it. There was no mistaking that it was Stilton, which is quite a feat for crisp flavouring. The disappointment was the port aspect though, as I couldn’t pick up on any of it really. It would have been nice to have a warming edge from a hint of port, but these crisps really were all about the cheese.
Although the port wasn’t present, that didn’t stop me loving these crisps. They are very distinct, and I’m definitely going to pick up another couple of bags, as I sense they might well be a limited edition. Not to worry though, I’m sure we are going to have an excellent crisp filled 2013. ;-)
By Cinabar


bob said...

OK, this is downright eerie!
I was perusing the snack aisle in the supermarket yesterday, looking for any new Kettle Chip flavours I might have missed. New York Cheddar was my favourite for ages, but after eating a few while recovering from a stomach 'bug' I've lost my taste for them a bit.
My thoughts turned to the idea of a potted Stilton/Port combination and how much I'd want to get that, if it existed at all.
Not kidding!
(Queue up the spooky music!)

Brill said...


Did you see this recipe for a CRISP omelette ?? Please would you make it and review it here ?