27 January 2013

Jack Link's Chicken Snack Bits (Good Food Show, Birmingham) [By @NLi10]

Often we come across things that look and sound edible but that we just don't fancy that much. At the Good Food Show in Birmingham a stall was doing bags of import foods - 12 for £5 - so I grabbed a load of fun American stuff. Pretty much the last to be tried are these spicy Buffalo style chicken bits.

They are one of those space foods that is designed to survive an atomic blast (in fact I suspect that's how they kill all the bugs to make them last so long)! The package was small and unobtrusive so I took them out with me to a card event (Gatecrash Prerelease for those in the know) and had them between rounds.

They are a bit odd. The first flavour is spiciness, and then there is a series of odd aftertastes. Others tried them too, and some hated them and others were quite keen to have more. Alas the bag is quite tiny and is more of a morsel than a portion, which prevented further shares, but the flavour is certainly potent enough to provide hours of wonderment at what on earth the flavours were.

I can only describe the texture as not-chicken-like as it was both rubbery and flakey due to the drying process - I guess like beef jerky, but for chicken. If you were a cowboy out in the middle of nowhere and needed a tiny snack to keep you going then this would be fine (provided you had sufficient water - as they kind of suck moisture out of you) but as a normal person snack it's not great.

I also got the curry flavour which should be very similarly indescribable in it's curryness. We shall see.
By NLi10

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