7 January 2013

Yorkie Man Size Buttons & Mini Matchmakers Cool Mint (WH Smiths) [By @cinabar]

I had a walk over to our local branch of WH Smiths and spotted these on "offer" at the counter (two for £3.50). It amused me for a moment that one of the new grab bags was proud of its new ‘mini’ product and the other was proud of having ‘giant’ chocolate buttons. Either way I snapped up both bags. I thought it best to show off the size differences with a penny so that you get a feel for the scale.

Yorkie Man Size Buttons
I have to admit I’m not a fan of Yorkie, predominantly for its sexist nature. I hate the ‘not for girls’ rubbish they usually spew all over their packets. This new bag had ‘man size’ so I let it off… it annoyed me substantially less than the usual slogan. I have been known to buy man size tissues though, so it would be hard to avoid them on those grounds. The front of the packet does show a giant button in its actual size, and I can confirm it matches the on pack illustration. Even with the penny diagram, it still is quite hard to explain just how chunky these are. I shared them out at work and everyone was taken aback by the size of the buttons and seemed to thoroughly enjoy them. They are just regular Yorkie chocolate (i.e. milky and sweet) but the large nature of the buttons do make them a fun purchase.

Mini Matchmakers Cool Mint
At the other end of the scale we have mini mint Matchmakers. These are pretty much the equivalent to buying regular matchmakers and breaking them into four or five pieces. The benefit of the bag is that it makes them easier to share and they are actually quite cute. The thing is that when I shared the giant Yorkie buttons out everyone commented, but with these nobody said a word about the size. That didn’t stop these going down rather well though, and the smaller crunchy milk chocolate sticks soon disappeared. It’s hard not to like Matchmakers and the mini version are just like their larger counterparts, refreshing, minty and with the lovely mint crystals packed into the chocolate. The bag just makes them more accessible, and easier to munch on with friends.
By Cinabar

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