6 January 2013

Rocky Rice - gluten free snack bar [@NLi10]

After the excesses of the festive season our monthly snacks at work have taken a somewhat lighter angle.  Instead of the usual haul of biscuits and cakes there was a lot of fruit and seeds and these interesting little bars.  Weighing in at only 16g I scoffed at the idea that this would be a decent snack, and looking like a Snack-a-jack that had a one molecule thick layer of chocolate sprayed on suggested that it may be a challenge to review politely.

Turns out that it's actually quite tasty.  I think strawberry might be pushing it but there is certainly an nice enough flavour and the chocolate is just enough to mitigate the packing foam texture that usually accompanies these rice products.  Admittedly it is a little on the slight side, and I wasn't really that satisfied by the whole thing, but that's not really what this is for.

If you wanted a lighter, low calorie snack then this is a surprisingly edible version.  It's gluten free, and  has no wheat in too which broadens it's appeal.  There were two flavours available but unfortunately I'm not sure who was on 'cake rota' duty so am not sure which of the big UK supermarkets this was bought from.

I wouldn't buy or eat these again (my idea of a healthy snack is peanuts, or the fruit itself as I suspect this lacks any form of nutrition and not just calories!) but I may pick them up for my mother who avoids wheat and likes light snack bites.  A welcome evolution of the Snack-a-jack!


Alexander said...

What can i say. Chocolat is always good.
happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy them

Anonymous said...

can you let me know who manufacture that product?

cinabar said...

I think rocky Rice is the manufacturer - either way they available at Aldi. https://www.aldi.ie/en/specialbuys/sunday-specialbuys-25th-august/products-detail-page/ps/p/rocky-rice-cakes/