28 January 2013

Muller Yogurt – Turkish Delight [Light Fat Free – Limited Edition] (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I used to love Muller yogurts but have to confess I haven’t bought them for a while. I was having a look at low fat yogurts in Waitrose, when I noted the lady putting out a tray of these new limited edition ones. Spectre pulled a face, he’s not a Turkish Delight fan, but I couldn’t resist popping some into the trolley for me. Spectre opted for the strawberry!
I had these as a healthier alternative to a pudding after dinner. I do always fancy something sweet after a meal, but felt one of these yoghurts would be a healthier treat.
One opened I could see a very pale pink thick yoghurt, speckled with dark chocolate. There wasn’t much aroma, but the flavour was full on once tasted. The Turkish Delight came through beautifully, sweet and floral and really tasty. I love the rose tones of Turkish Delight but have to say I didn’t expect it to work quite so well as a yoghurt flavour. The chocolate seemed plentiful to look at, there was clearly a fair amount of it mixed in but the Turkish Delight flavour did overpower it somewhat when it came to the taste test, leaving it more as a background hint of chocolate.
Despite the mild chocolate taste I still found that I thoroughly enjoyed the yoghurt and was even scraping out the last bits from the pot. This did its job perfectly, acting as an enjoyable alterative to a full fat pudding. I’m not sure why I haven’t bought Muller for so long, but I’m sure to pop some into my trolley on my next grocery shop.
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

Hmm. I love turkish delight but it usually tastes horrible in other products (ie. hot chocolate). I'll probably give these a try anyway :)

cinabar said...

In that case I need to add a disclaimer - I really like Options Turkish Delight hot choc! :-D

Rainbowgirlx said...

I personally hate the Options Turkish Delight hot chocolate, and only got this yogurt on a dare.

I was surprised how good it was, and how well they have managed to make it actually taste like Turkish Delight. For me the chocolate was more there to add a little bit of texture than flavor. I would definitely try this again!

paulham said...

Tried them today. Nice despite the yoghurt's innate sourness.

Who needs the chocolate anyway?

Proper TD doesn't come with it.

Andy said...
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Anonymous said...

Tried one today, truly wonderful loved it and I'm not a big yoghurt fan. I would pick this every time over any other pudding, honest I would :-)

cinabar said...

paulham - td does in our house ;-)

anon - it is good stuff.