31 January 2013

Look What We Found! Norfolk Chicken Korma (Sainsbury's) [by @NLi10}

I'm a big fan of the Look What We Found range as it represents two things I like, convenience & quality.  As I've mentioned before it's fast & easy to make (basically heat the pouch), requires no refrigeration and is of a quality that you can serve to friends without looking like you gave them pot noodles for dinner.  They also have a nice local farmer ethos and videos of them on their site.  They also appear to do direct sales, if they aren't in stock locally and as the shelf life is long you can afford to go a little crazy.

Today I have their Norfolk chicken Korma.  I love a good Korma, and understand that while this is one of the mildest of the curries it should have a chilli kick that goes with the creamy and cocoanut flavoured sauce.  This does pretty much all of this and is a decent (but not massive) portion for one.  I could have happily had some Tilda instant rice with it but I'd run out.

It's not much to look at but the chicken was tender and it was all good meat.  I think the flavour was missing a little something in the middle, maybe I'd add a few herbs to go between the heat and the sweet, or maybe a bit of spinach on the side.  As far as food that takes 2 min in the microwave goes this is spot on, and while it isn't as amazing as the meatballs flavourwise it is certainly very nice.  I'd buy this again, but I'd remember to stock up on microwave rice too so I could have a proper big lunch.

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