1 February 2013

[New] Sweet Apple & Cinnamon Popcorn (Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

I love popcorn, it is my snack of choice when it comes to watching a film at home. I also love cinnamon, and always wish there were more products that used it as a flavour. I’ve heard other countries have had Kit Kat Chunky Cinnamon and I am filled with jealousy. Until we get such a treat here I keep my eyes open for other suitable spiced treats. I found this while looking, it combines my favourite snack with cinnamon, so how could it go wrong?
One I opened up the bag I could smell cinnamon and it was rather enticing. I tucked in, and immediately felt that it was all lacking something. Some of the pieces didn’t have much flavour at all, some were mainly apple which added a bizarre slightly sour Granny Smith type of taste, and some had cinnamon, but it was just a hint of warmth.
This popcorn had the potential to be mind blowing, it is an excellent idea for a flavour, but it just wasn’t put together as well as I had hoped. It was mainly about the unevenness of the flavour mix, and the sharpness of the apple that let it down. I would have gone for a sweet apple flavour, and a larger sprinkling of cinnamon, but for me you can never have really have enough! So I ate my way through the bag, over the course of a couple of nights, and it was alright, just lacking a bit of depth to the flavour. Sadly though I won’t be rushing out to buy another bag – I’ll be sticking with the sweet n salty for now.
If you know of any brands that do make a fab cinnamon popcorn I’d be grateful if you could drop me an email or leave a comment as I will try and hunt some down.
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

I tried some of this just before Christmas - i as well thought it was average; i didnt feel the cinnamon was strong enough.

Grocery Gems said...

I'd recommend Joe & Seph's Caramel, Coconut & Cinnamon popcorn, the cinnamon flavour is delicious and the coconut is strong too. They also do an Apple & Cinnamon flavour which I bought for this weekend (have't tried it yet).

Unknown said...

I tired it too when I was in the UK, and I'll admit that I was pretty disappointed as well. I feel like the apple flavour just didn't 'work' with the popcorn, and it wasn't spiced enough.