28 February 2013

The Fabulous Bakin' Boys - New & Improved Chocolate Chip Muffins

It's been a while since I've picked up any FBB products because after a while their lovely little cup-cakes get samey. It seems they have returned to the muffins recipe to rectify this.

In a nice big, bright box and with enough to at least seriously consider sharing come these revised recipe muffins. They are nicely large enough to have as a snack, but small enough to accompany a drink. I ate 1 as a trial then took three into work, but as no-one turned them down I almost didn't have a second to try for the review.

The benefits to individually wrapped snacks is their freshness, and these are no exception. They are moist, and taste like a muffin should do. The softness and doughy flavour is complemented well by the choc chips which are just soft enough to feel in the bite but not obtrusive. I wasn't sure that I'd like these but they are quite nice. The flavour could maybe be a bit stronger, but their delicateness is actually part of their charm.

Nothing beats a freshly baked muffin, or one from one of those commercial stands you get that also sell cookies at train stations. That said, I'd be happy to progress through the range and see what other varieties they do as there are few pre-packaged muffins that come close to this.

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