6 February 2013

Milkyway Frothy Vanilla flavoured Milk [By @spectreUK]

This Frothy Vanilla flavoured milk was produced by Mars, in Ireland. As with the recent Maltesers flavoured milk there was a large “Shake me!” printed on the bottle in order to produce the froth. The 215ml bottle contained 168 calories, with 22.6g of sugar and 3.1g of fat. This drink was the same as the Maltesers flavoured milk in the sense of being “School Friendly” with 90% milk and no more than 5% added sugar. Also vegetarian friendly, the ingredients included wheat malt extract, sugar, modified tapioca starch, and xanthan gum, amongst other things. After a long shake and tearing the top off the bottle this Milkway drink smelt of creamy vanilla malt, much like the innards of a Milkyway chocolate bar. Cinabar exclaimed that this was the best vanilla milkshake she had ever tasted. I honestly had to prize it out of her hands to taste it. There was a perfect creamy vanilla flavour with a goodly amount of satisfying malt. This Milkway drink was an excellent treat for the taste buds and I would certainly have it again. It was a lovely, cool and refreshing drink and would be great either for an after dinner treat, post workout pick me up, or even just before bed to let you indulge in its velvety creamy vanilla goodness before drifting softly off to sleep on malted Milkway pillows!
By Spectre

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