25 February 2013

Ferrero Eggs – Hazlenut and Cocoa (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

Did I mention already that I have been picking up a few Easter bits? Well these were on the shelves of Waitrose, and in the interest of research I picked up a couple of packets! There are two flavours in the range, Hazelnut and Cocoa, and naturally both bags came home with me.

Cocoa Ferrero Eggs
Inside the bag are ten eggs wrapped in dark brown foil. I carefully peeled off the metallic shell and found a dark looking glazed egg. Inside that dark chocolate shell is a wafer shell, followed by a smooth cocoa filling. The texture of these chocolate is amazing, I love how the chocolate gives in to the crispy wafer followed by the silkiest gooey filling. These eggs are labelled as cocoa flavour, and they are surprisingly intense, the dark chocolate is sweet but strong with lots of rich cocoa tones. They feel rather luscious to eat, as the flavour is so full on.

Hazelnut Ferrero Eggs
Rather like the Cocoa edition, these eggs are foil wrapped, but this time in gold. The egg inside is made of milk chocolate, but there is still an inner wafer shell this time surrounding a hazelnut crème filling.
The nut taste is rather creamy, but still with plenty of hazelnut mixed in. It balances well with the milk chocolate, and although less intense, certainly feels more indulgent. I guess it comes down to whether you prefer dark chocolate or nuts, but for my taste buds this one had the edge, although both varieties are seriously good.
By Cinabar

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Anonymous said...

J'ai gouté ceux au cacao, ils sont excellents, croquant, fondant puis un liquide coule...hum trop bon.