12 February 2013

Wotsits Waffles – Bacon Flavour (Poundland) [By @cinabar]

I heard a rumour that these crisps were back on the shelves just before Christmas, but they have taken a bit of tracking down. I was rather excited to see them sitting on the shelves in Poundland and hastily picked up a multi pack. I love the shape of these crisps, the puffed waffled make them look chunky and filling, but the texture still managed to remain light and fluffy like regular Wotsits. They melt in the mouth very quickly after you have bitten in. It’s such a brilliant texture.
I can pick up on the corn puff flavour of the base, which is reminiscent of cheesy Wotsits, but on top of this is a mild bacon flavour. It is a little bit salty and meaty, but it’s a gentle taste that works, and doesn’t seem as strong as most bacon crisps. I munched my way through my bag in record time, and thoroughly enjoyed them.
Impressively the bag only has 74 calories in it, so not only are they tasty, they are a lighter snack too. I’m certainly going to pop back to the shop and pick up another bag, while I can still find them! Poundland really is a little treasure trove sometimes. :-)
By Cinabar

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They are also available at B&M stores