21 February 2013

New Kelloggs Nutri-Grain – Crunchy Oat Granola Cinnamon (Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

As a serial cereal bar consumer (sorry), I was quite pleased to see this new product from Kelloggs on the shelves. Although it is marketed under the Nutri-Grain brand, it isn’t like their soft bars, and instead consists of two thinner crunchy granola bars. I love cinnamon so was impressed to see this as the new flavour, but feared that they might be quite hard bars. Thankfully I discovered that both bars were pleasantly crunchy. They were just right the texture, crunchy, but still easy to eat. They had just enough give in them to make them crisp but interesting, without being too hard on the old teeth!
The flavour was warm and lightly spiced due to the cinnamon, but all the oat flavours still shone through. They had a lovely cinnamon and brown sugar taste, which is the flavour I love. Mild cinnamon is far superior to the hot stuff, but there are some fab clips on YouTube of people eating copious amounts of cinnamon raw, if you like that sort of thing!
Back on track with these bars, the sweetness and gentle cinnamon mixed with the oats make these bars my perfect treat. They are also one of the few non chocolate cereal bars that have made it to my regular shopping list.
By Cinabar


Adrian said...

Haven't come across a cinnamon flavoured cereal bar before, it sounds lovely. Can't wait to pick some of these up, I love granola bars

paulham said...

Nutri-Grain Elevenses (raisin bakes)?

The first of the cereal bars on the market a few years back and still available is flavoured with cinnamon.

You didn't realise that?

These new ones are quite good too but not enough cinnamon. ;)