7 February 2013

Pizza Express - Classic Sloppy Giuseppe (Sainsbury's) [by @NLi10]

Pizza Express - Classic Sloppy Giuseppe

As these were on special offer and we were in Sainsbury's instead of Asda for a change I figured that I'd try one of the restaurant-grade home Pizzas.  This is the spicy beef version 'Sloppy Giuseppe' which I don't think that I've had in their restaurants as I'd go for something with more meat or spiciness usually.

We also have pictured the Pizza Express House dressing which is frankly amazing and adds a zing when drizzled over any pizza.  I guess you could also use thick balsamic vinegar for the same purpose, and add a handful of rocket to the top once it's cooked.  Yum.

The Pizza itself is pretty good, the meat is meaty enough and the cheese is inoffensive enough to allow the other flavours to shine.  The base was crispy and the edge cooked nicely too and had a snap to it that a lot of home pizzas lack due to the moistness of the sauces.

I think that Pizza Express understand that while it's sometimes nice to pile things high it is also good to just enjoy a few quality things on a good base.  This pizza is nothing spectacular but it is very nice and I'd be happy to pay full price for it next time.

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Brill said...

I so want one of these now !!!