17 February 2013

Belvita Duo Crunch Breakfast Biscuits - Strawberry and live yogurt. [by @NLi10]

When Cinabar previously reviewed the filled Belvita biscuits she said that "that the soft filling gave a lovely contrast with the crunchy biscuits, so the idea is good. I just wish they’d chosen a milder yogurt flavour" . Turns out that Nabisco listened and instead of changing the yogurt they decided to add some strawberries! This is a great thing, and it means that the the biscuits change from a sharp-edged experience to something I can really enjoy.

The biscuits themselves are still high quality, with a great bite and interesting textures, and of a surprisingly moorish nature so we keep featuring all the varieties of these! The fruity jam is not too sweet and seems of high quality.

The price is still a slight issue, but as a nice little pre-lunch snack these really do hit the spot.

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