15 February 2013

Lonka - Peanut Caramel (Import Shop) [By @cinabar]

There is a new sweet shop opened in the Mander Centre in Wolverhampton, and it stocks many products I’ve never seen before, although there were some classic bits from the USA there seemed to be quite a lot of European goodies and brands I’d never heard of too. On a bit of a whim I picked up this bag labelled ‘Peanut Caramel’ to try.
On closer inspection when I got home, something struck me. There doesn’t seem to be much caramel? The product actually appears to consist of peanuts in white ‘fudge’ (and by fudge it’s more like a nougat) coated in a thin layer of chocolate.
I opened up the bag, and was a little disappointed to see that there wasn’t a re-sealable sticker either. Most of the grab bags in this country have a sticker on the back, to help keep the goodies inside fresher, and I have sort of come to expect that now. The chocolates inside the bag seemed a fair bit smaller than those pictured on it, as they didn’t seem nearly as chunky.
I bit in and have to say wasn’t particularly impressed. The ‘fudge’ was firm, sweet but without a well defined taste. The chocolate was the same, there was hint of cocoa, but nothing wow especially as it was quite thin. Even the nuts seemed to be lost in the sweet but bland taste. I have to say this was a big disappointment for me, and I only had two pieces before I became bored with them.
I’m sure there are some proper goodies to behold in that new import shop, and I do intend to investigate further. Sadly this was not one of them!
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...
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Kevs Snack Reviews said...

Unfortunately Lonka seem to produce a lot of stuff for the discount market which is poor quality. I tried some of their fudge years ago and haven't touched any of their products since.