3 February 2013

Sacla Italia Pesto Sauce - squeezy version (Good Food Show) [by @NLi10]

I like Sacla pesto sauce.  I'm not sure how I discovered it, but it was someting I'd never eaten growing up, but discovered about the time I became vegetarian and it certainly brightens up Quorn and similar things and is probably good for you too.  The little jars had become a staple in the fridge - until now.

At the Good Food Show in Birmingham last year there was a stall 'selling' (for they asked only a pound or two) these as a pair with a tea-towel and some leaflets.  Like the Singha beer t-shirt I got that was similarly not quite free these deals are usually the best thing about trade fairs.  As we eat it anyway and it wasn't too heavy to carry around we got some.  The idea is I think that you can use it more like a sauce and take it to the table with you instead of it being relegated to the kitchen.

You can also be more creative!

Here we see a fresh baguette that has been expertly sliced and covered in humous and a bit of spread, and topped with the tomato pesto.  A dash of rocket and balsamic vinegar to top it off and you have a healthy vegetarian lunch fit for anyone.

As it stands we tend to add a dollop of the pesto on the side of pasta plates, after remembering to shake it to stop the settling.  I don't think it's upped our pesto consumption much, but it's an awfully convenient way to serve it and depending on the premium attached to the squeeze versions compared to the jars may be the way forwards.

It's making me hungry just writing about it - yum!


Oscar said...

everything is better in squeezy format. id like peanut butter in one of those plastic bottles ...

Neil G. said...

Try adding the green pesto to mashed potato, you'll never look back.