4 February 2013

New Skittles Confused? [2013 Edition] (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

I love the idea of ‘new’ products, it’s one of the reasons we started the blog! Somebody did once say to me that there isn’t really any such thing as a new product, and if I write the blog long enough I’ll discover that. I wasn’t entirely sure what they meant, yes we get some fab re-launches and blasts from the past coming back, but new is still new – right?
Well when I saw this bag of Skittles, despite its ‘new’ label, I knew it was familiar, and back in the early days of the blog I did write about the first UK release of Skittles Confused. Although it was only a bit of a short post I wasn’t that excited at the prospect of coloured shells not matching their flavour, and given that they disappeared shortly after I thought they probably didn’t have mass appeal.
This bag of Skittle Confused is a little bit different, I’m pleased to say. The new packs come in a bright turquoise bag, and have a more tropical twist. The first key difference is that there are some new flavours introduced which is really nice to see. Also any one colour can related to two flavours so there is no way of knowing which one you’ll pick even if you have narrowed down your options. I had to munch my way through quite a few to make sure I tried a few of each colour to get each flavour – but that’s okay, it’s the kind of sacrifice I’m willing to make! If you want a surprise probably best to leave it here and just enjoy – as I’m going to spoil the flavour mysteries:

Purple – this can equate to being either Lime or Raspberry. Both flavours are a pleasure, the lime is zesty enough to be told apart from lemon, and is still really refreshing. I love berry tastes so the sweet strong raspberry flavour went down well too.

Orange – depending on which you pick this will either be Melon Berry or Blue Raspberry. It is a bit weird that they would include two raspberry flavours, and although nice it isn’t quite as strong as the Purple version. Melon Berry is marvellous though, it is a mouth-watering flavour, and very different. The refreshing taste works so well in Skittle form.

Red – is either Lemon or Mandarin. The lemon tastes exactly like regular lemon skittles, and is sweet but still zingy. The Mandarin tastes like a muted orange, it’s nice but given the choice I’d take a regular orange one.

Green – some of these are Cherry and some are Mango & Peach. The Cherry is rather strong, and has buckets loads of flavour, it’s almost like almond concentrate. The Mango & Peach is more delicate, but still just as juicy. Its a different but tasty fruit combination.

Yellow – It turns out the new yellow Skittles were my favourite, you could either pick Blueberry or Watermelon and both were spot. The unique slightly floral taste of blueberries made for a lovely sweet, and the watermelon taste was almost juicy in its nature. It’s a proper hot day sweet, and recreated the watermelon taste perfectly.

Which of the new flavours is your favourite? Do you like them mixed this way? Or do you just take a handful so it makes no odds? Let me know below.
By Cinabar


  1. i just flippin love them all!!!

  2. They are soooooo nice!!! I <3 them!!!!!! :) xx

  3. I love that some of the flavours mixed in are a bit different too :-)

  4. Watermelon. Could eat a full bag of those

  5. But the blueberry are yummy too - so it would be okay to eat all the yellow ones ;-)

  6. I stopped buying normal skittles as bored of the common flavours. I really love these though. I hope one day they will do something even more adventurous and do flavours like coffee and cheesecake :)

  7. Over the years they have had some interesting flavours - such as mocha chocolate, popcorn and even brownie batter! Rest assured if they come out again I'll find them and report back ;-)

  8. Best skittles you never know what you are going to get


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