27 February 2013

Kent Crisps Sea Salt and Biddenden Cider Vinegar flavoured potato crisps [@KentCrisps] [By @spectreUK]

Cinabar previously reviewed Kent Crisps Oyster and Vinegar crisps and I recently reviewed their Roast Beef and Spitfire Ale crisps. Both flavours were so tasty and of such high quality that I just had to hunt out some more flavours. Fortunately I didn’t have to look far as one day I found these Sea Salt and Biddenden Cider Vinegar flavoured potato crisps delicately dumped in my Foodstufffinds in-tray. The mention of Biddenden Cider caught my eye immediately. Biddenden Cider is produced at Kent’s oldest commercial vineyard and has previously won the CAMRA Cider of the Year Award. Similarly the potatoes used to make these crisps were grown in Kent. The 40g bag had 194 calories, with 0.5g of sugar and 10.5g of fat. Containing no artificial flavours or colours, the ingredients included Kentish potatoes, as well as high oleic sunflower oil, and cider vinegar and salt flavour, which contained rice flour, salt, spirit vinegar, malt vinegar and citric acid. According to the National Sunflower Association (yes, there is one) website, high oleic sunflower oil “favourably alters low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides, and factor VII coagulant activity,” which to be honest with you lost me a bit, but sounded pretty good for me health wise. These crisps also contained barley and gluten, and were suitable for vegans and vegetarians. There was certainly a salty apple cider vinegar smell on opening the packet. These crisps had a good salty cider vinegar taste to them with a lovely crunchy texture. Mixed with the saltiness was the sweetness from the apples merged with the sour acidity from the vinegar, leaving a luscious almost juicy salty cider vinegar aftertaste in my mouth. I found these crisps very moreish and would have happily munched down a few packets whilst watching a good long movie, I’m sure a fine old classic black and white film would suffice. These crisps would go perfectly with either a sweet or dry cider or a refreshing glass of apple juice and lemonade, and I heartily recommend that you give them a try.
By Spectre

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