2 February 2013

Vimto Skiddadles (Poundland) [By @SpectreUK]

These Skiddadles were Vimto flavoured sweets in the form of purple tablets. Made with the secret Vimto ingredient and suitable for vegetarians, these sweets had no artificial colours and included; sugar, glucose syrup, Arabic gum, vegetable oil, citric acid and 2.5% of fruit concentrates from blackcurrant, raspberry and grape. The 200g bag consisted of two servings of 100g which had 380 calories, with 71g of sugar (unsurprising, I guess) and 3g of fat. The small rounded flattened tablets were slightly smaller than Skittles and not as hard to initially chew as Tooty Frooties. They had a dry taste to start with that was quickly replaced by a juicy Vimto flavour the more I sucked and chewed them. Once I’d started eating these sweets it was hard to stop dumping more and more of them into my overly enthusiastic mouth. There seemed to be hundreds of them in the bag, so I wasn’t sure how many I ate to start with, but I reckon I probably easily hit the 100g serving mark before feeling a little ashamed, but only a little. I resealed the bag and left roughly another serving for the next day. I certainly appreciated the 2.5% of real fruit juice, but would have appreciated a little more, as Rowntrees generally try to add 25% of fruit juice to their gums, although these sweets were certainly not gums. I reckon Vimto Skiddadles are a good alternative to Skittles and also to Tooty Frooties, which have always been my favourite sweets of this genre, and I would certainly have them again.
By Spectre

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