19 February 2013

Waitrose Mini Eggs: Jelly and Ginger Truffle [By @cinabar]

Although we are still fairly far away from Easter, I couldn’t resist checking out the seasonal shelf and picking up a few snacking bits. I spotted these new boxes of mini eggs and thought I’d given them a try. They are called “mini” eggs but they are a bit larger than that, although not as big as a Creme Egg.

Ginger Truffle Mini Eggs
These eggs looked very dark, and have a lovely thick dark chocolate shell. It’s quite soft, and gives easily revealing the thick smooth truffle within. The spices from the centre shine through, adding a lovely warm spice to the rich chocolate taste. The ginger is pleasant and well balanced, adding a gentle tingle, not a hot burn. Their chunky nature means that they take a couple of bites to eat. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed them, and they would make a perfect Easter stocking filler.

Jelly Mini Eggs
These speckled jelly eggs consist of a sweet sugary shell, which gives way to a soft fruit jelly. They are nearly the same chunky size as the chocolate ginger eggs. There are five flavours in the box.

Red – Although pleasant this sweet didn’t have a well defined flavour. It was sugary, with a hint of berries, raspberry perhaps.
Yellow – this one was a bit easier to identify, but still mild. It had the delicate tropical taste of pineapple, and lovely sweet but gentle fruity tones.
Orange – Again this was mellow and sweet, but the citrus taste was unmistakably orange.
White – The light flavour of this tasted delicate and for a while I though it might be peach. The more I tasted it I decided it was probably apricot, but in reality it was somewhere in between both.
Green – In contrast to all the only sweets, this was without question pear. I love pear drops so it will be no surprise that this one was by far my favourite, I’d be happy to have an entire box of these green ones! It was also the strongest tasting in the box.
By Cinabar

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Lot-O-Choc said...

Ooh i havent seen these in Waitrose let - i shall be looking out for them! The ginger truffle ones look delish!