14 February 2013

Graze box - tea, and a slice [by @NLi10]

From Graze, the company that essentially send you snacks in the post - like a LoveFilm for food comes this lovely little idea.   I came into possession of a few Graze boxes recently from a friend who wasn't at work and insisted that we eat them for her ( :D ) and decided that two of them were interesting enough to write about.  

The first of these isn't 100% snack.  You get an afternoon infusion tea bag, and a Light Lemon & Poppy Slice. For me this makes a nice combo, and the Mr. Tea mug comes in handy and we set up a lovely afternoon snack/break.  They have a few different versions too.  The tea was assam and quite light and refreshing.

The poppy slice (while containing far too few calories for the likes of me) was surprisingly moist and flavoursome.  The four bites of cake I got just were not enough!  The flavour was nicely balanced and the lemon didn't overpower the poppy seeds.  While i'm unlikely to have these again (baring more gifted boxes) I did enjoy my afternoon tea.


bob said...

That is sheer genius!

Anonymous said...

I like their little cakes, but i especially like the teabags! i wish it were possible to buy a whole box of them as i think they are a very delicious blend!