24 February 2013

Kellog's Krave - White Chocolate Brownie

A while back I did a comparison review between Asda own brand version of Krave (which has been around for years) and the Kellogg's version. The Asda one came out on top, but I commented that the varieties of Krave that may come out would be interesting to see.

The one we have here is a White chocolate filled Brownie version, but it's not that authentic. The outer is very crispy and doesn't really have the brownie texture - but the flavour is very nice. The white inside is more of a sweet contrast than a chocolaty experience and isn;t as much as a draw as the Krave Krusader on the box thinks it is.

I enjoyed these this morning, but again - the special offer price for these is the same as two boxes of the Asda own brand on it's own 3 for £2 special offer. As a nice one-off treat on a Sunday morning this was nice, but the other one is more of a staple.

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