11 February 2013

Pez – Red Nose Day Edition [By @Cinabar]

It’s not long till Red Nose Day, I keep seeing the adverts for it on TV. This year’s selections of noses are dinosaur themed, and I was excited to see that Pez have a limited edition Red Nose Day sweet dispensers! The noses available are : T-Spex, Triceytops and Dinomite, and these are all available in Pez form too. Mine is Dinomite with his big teeth, and he has a packet of Pez sweeties which you can hide in the handle.
I used to love Pez when I was a kid, I had a few different dispensers, which have disappeared over the years. They are quite collectable, so I really should have hung on to them. Obviously I’ll be keeping this one handy, and have already sourced the ‘sour’ flavour to try out too – that will form a later blog review.
This Red Nose Day Pez is supplied with two packets of the cherry flavour Pez bricks. There is an art to putting them in the dispenser, and it’s a skill I learnt as a kid and apparently hung on too. The best plan is to unwrap the whole lot at once, leaving just enough foil to hold them as a stack. Then to carefully slide the whole lot into the fully extended Pez machine. I was quite proud of myself for still being able to manage it, I’m sure it works just fine if you want to load a few at a time too. I rewarded myself with one of the sweet blocks for managing to get them all in at once.

The pink coloured mini brick is a hard sweet sweet, with a rich sugary cherry flavour. They are quite firm, but break easily enough if you bite down on them. The cherry flavour was nice and zingy and had a slightly tart edge. They make a nice sweet, but serving them up is the fun part.
For me this is the first Pez I’ve had in years and I loved it. It filled me with good memories of just how much I used to love these sweets. The Pez dispenser itself is ace, bright and monstrous, but still maintaining its fun. I love that it supports a good cause too, as there is a donation to the cause with every pack. I’m not sure I can get away with wearing a nose to work, but we will undoubtedly have a collection for Red Nose day in the office and I shall take some of these Pez to share around.
By Cinabar


bob said...

I used to collect PEZ dispensers, many years ago. Amassed hundreds, but the mice had their way with the lot and I had to throw them all away.
Now suffering from a case of itchy internet ordering fingers!

Oscar said...

nice nails

cinabar said...

lol - thanks - I'm a nail wrap/varnish addict - all pics on twitter @cinabar ;-)