13 February 2013

Amigos Tequila Flavoured Beer (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

“Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff?” is not a question that is often on my mind, but during this blog I will attempt to answer it. This 5.5% volume Amigos Tequila Flavoured Beer was served in a 660ml bottle, and was brewed in the UK for Global Brands Limited, who is famous for the first Alcopop; Lime flavoured Hooch, which is still available somewhere but not in the ga-billions (many million billions) of bottles in every drinking outlet and booze store in the UK as it used to be. The ingredients of this Tequila beer included; water, malted barley, sugar, hops, flavourings, and citric acid. On opening the bottle there was a strong lime beer odour. Lime was also part of the initial taste with an added herby tequila base, which was closely followed by a hoppy bitterness mixed with sweetness from the malted barley. I would say this beer had an overall lime flavour with a hint of Tequila. Having said that I very much enjoyed this beer and would recommend anyone trying it, especially as a zesty refreshing beer around spring and summer time when hopefully the weather should clear up and we may even get lucky and have a barbeque or two! So, “why did the Mexican push his wife of a cliff?” I hear you ask. I simply have no idea... maybe he just didn’t like her?
By Spectre

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