1 March 2013

Ritter Sport – Peppermint [Pfefferminz] (Germany) [By @cinabar]

My dad has been travelling again, and on one of his journeys bought me back a few goodies from Germany. Amongst them was this Ritter Sport bar. I haven’t had Ritter Sport chocolate for quite some time, and so I was excited to give the peppermint edition a try.
The bar consists of squares of dark chocolate (in a square shape) filled with a peppermint cream fondant filling. The chocolate is dark and rich and really quite thick, but it still breaks easily when you bite in. The filling is super refreshing, the mint if so good and strong, and although it is sweet, it isn’t overly so. It’s like a cooler version of a Fry’s peppermint cream, but with more chocolate per piece.
I’m afraid this bar didn’t last long when I got my mitts on it as it was very easy eating, and it disappeared as I caught up on the latest Dallas! I love After Eights and the Frys’ bar but this one had the edge. The chocolate was more defined, the mint tasted more refreshing and the filling was plentiful but a little less sweet.
I so wished they stocked the Ritter range in the UK, I am going to have to see if my dad can find some other Ritter bars for me when he is next on his travels. It’s a crime these bars aren’t more readily available, and I’d forgotten just how good they are!

By Cinabar


Neil G. said...

No problem finding Ritter products in my neck of the woods (N.W. England)

Nicholas said...

Sainsbury's now stock Ritter Sport (my store anyway, Newbury Berks) at £1.49.

cinabar said...

I'll have to keep my eyes open. I'm off to a HUGE branch of Tesco next weekend *fingers crossed*.

Monster Sweets said...

Hi, its really refreshing the Ritter Sport peppermint, (must be the real peppermint oil from China)love it. We stock a large range of German Ritter Sport. I would gladly send you a bar to review if you would like. Choose one. I enjoyed reading your review.