31 March 2013

Holly Lane - 6 Viennese Whirls [by @Nli10]

Mr. Kipling is very famous and makes loads of instantly recognisable biscuits. The distinctive stylings and packaging stand out on the shelves and entice over the discerning purchaser. At work some biscuits and snacks were brought in to celebrate a birth and the above box was part of the pile. It wasn't until I picked them up that I realised these are impostors! This is common in electronics - the PopStation range comes to mind - but snacks tend to be a bit less blatant.

What Holly Lane have done here (and in several other products on the table) is produce a range of presumably cheaper alternatives to the Mr. Kipling products, but have they matched the high standards?

In short - no. THe biscuit is nice enough but not as buttery or crumbly as the real deal. The cream and jam are disappointing, but not inedible. I think that these are actually nice enough, but not quite up to the standards of the Viennese Whirl that Mr. Kipling (and Marks & Spencer's). In fact these are perfect for situations where a large number of biscuits are required.

I think these are an Aldi or Lidl brand, and there are lots of snack sized things in it, so maybe I'll have to take a trip and see what other goodies there are.

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