9 March 2013

Heinz Big Soup – Steak and Guinness Casserole (ASDA)[By @SpectreUK]

Recently I enjoyed the HP Sauce flavour Heinz Big Soup, so I was looking forward to trying this Steak and Guinness Casserole. I decided to wash it down with a can of Guinness. The label on the 410g plastic pot boasted that this soup was low fat and one of the 5 a day; it had 260 calories, 6.5g of fat and 6.2g of sugar. Made by Heinz in Germany and containing no artificial colours, the ingredients included; potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, beef, onions, garlic, and of course Guinness stout. After a couple of minutes in the microwave and a further couple of minutes to cool, I was able to tuck into the juicy beefy gravy like soup that had a decent bitter twang of Guinness. There were plenty of vegetables, soft potatoes and succulent chunks of beef mixed into the dark brown gravy. Like the HP Sauce Big Soup all the vegetables and potato pieces were cooked perfectly and complemented each other, as well as the creamy pint of Guinness. I also dipped in a couple of pieces of bread to mop up the moist stout gravy. This Big Soup felt like a healthy and filling meal. I shall definitely have this and the Big Soup HP Sauce flavour again. I found them both to be tasty, satisfying and healthy meals, and just as important for me; they were quick and easy to cook!
By Spectre

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