18 March 2013

Cadbury – Fabulous Praline Fingers (Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

Cadbury Finger biscuits are one of the best traditional chocolate coated biscuits. I used to have them as a child so they bring back happy memories, and will always have a place in my heart. They recently launched the Fabulous Fingers range, which are double coated, as there is a layer of white chocolate under the milk chocolate, and they have now added these new Praline ones as well.
Now I love nuts, so a praline flavoured biscuit under two coatings of chocolate sounded right up my street, and somewhere close to being the dream biscuit! I eagerly unwrapped the pack, and pulled out the golden tray revealing fewer biscuits than I was expecting (but isn’t that always the way). I snapped one in half and could see the two layers of coating and the darkened biscuit coloured by the extra praline flavour. Once I bit in I was struggling to pick up on much praline. Don’t get me wrong these definitely taste a bit different from the other Fabulous Fingers, but the nutty taste is very mild. It just add a pleasant hazelnut hint to the biscuits. I don’t want to say that I didn’t enjoy them, because that’s simply not true. The crunchy biscuit under the soft thick sweet coating was a pleasure to munch on, and the hint of nut added a nice aftertaste. It’s just that I had built these up so much in my head that I couldn’t help be a little bit disappointed at the weakness of the praline taste. The ingredients are all there, it just needed the volume turning up on the nuttiness.
Have you tried them? Do you agree? Let me know below!
By Cinabar

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