12 March 2013

Patchi Chocolate Selection Box (Harrods) [By @cinabar]

Patchi chocolates originate from Lebanon as a fine chocolatier there, but have now launched in the UK. They are available at Harrods, and have been available at the Dorchester hotel too, so they have quite exclusive stockists!
The box is beautifully packaged, and draped in ribbon, making it look like a very luxurious gift. Inside the thick ornate box there are a number of loose chocolates all individually wrapped. I didn’t have a menu inside my box, but quite liked the idea of guessing what was within.

Dark Chocolate Rectangle
I decided to start with the one I assumed correctly to be a rectangle of plain chocolate to get a feel for the brand. The chocolate broke cleanly and with a pleasant snap. The texture of the chocolate was silky and smooth, and it felt very clean to eat. The chocolate wasn’t too strong, just a good balance of cocoa creating a dark but not too sweet finish.

Gold Pyramid
Inside this one was a chocolate coated cluster of hazelnuts. The nuts had a very rich distinct taste making me sure that they had been oven roasted befoe being coated in chocolate. That extra detail really emphasised the nutty goodness, and sharpened the texture too. As a nut fan, this one was pure yum.

Lime Coloured Round
This was a mellow concoction that reminded me of a milky truffle, covered in milk chocolate with a dollop of fruity red jam. I liked the mix of flavours but couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was it reminded me of, until Spectre announced that it was clearly jam doughnut flavoured! He also decided that this one was his favourite in the bunch.

Silver Round Dome
There aren’t enough coffee chocolates in the world, and that is a fact. To find this one was a real gem. The dark chocolate was very rich and had the full flavour of coffee throughout, giving a deep dark tone. At the very heart of the chocolate was a sold coffee bean that added a pleasant crunch and an extra hit of coffee. The silky dark chocolate was the perfect base for all the sumptuous coffee flavour, and if they made a bar of this I think I would be in heaven!

Gold Chunky Rectangle
I unwrapped this one and discovered a nice chunky piece of milk chocolate; this was filled with a layer of biscuit topped by caramel. The flavours mixed together well and the buttery biscuit complimented the oozing salty caramel, it reminded me of chocolate dipped caramel shortcake. I loved the way the flavour changed from buttery to salty and sweet, and the thick chocolate coating just made this for me. It’s safe to say it was my favourite in the box.
 By Cinabar

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