15 March 2013

Mr Kipling – Mississippi Mud Pies (Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

Oh Mr Kipling, you do keep bringing out a wonderful array of goodies to tempt me. To be fair though the first thing that happened when I saw these pies was I transported back to a memory of a school spelling test. When Mississippi came up I wrote around five versions of the word down, with various combination of single and double letters where inappropriate. I meant to cross four of them out, but ran out of time and forgot. I was trying to see which one looked right. After the test I got teased by the teacher in front of the whole class for firstly cheating and putting down multiple answers, but mainly because none of them were correct. Geez – double ‘s’ double ‘s’ double ‘p’ has been ingrained in my head since then and the word still brings back a twinge of terror. I still can’t spell. I think I may have digressed…
Where was I?
These new individual Mud Pies are from the Dessert classic range, and contain a gooey chocolate mousse topped with chocolate icing, decorated with chocolate strands and they do look rather appealing. The packaging also suggests that these can be eaten hot or cold, and can just be warmed through in the microwave to make the centre extra sticky. The pastry is very soft and crumbly and has a nice sweet edge, but the heart of these pies is the chocolate overload in the middle. The centre is sweet with loads of cocoa, and rich and indulgent. There is tons of sweet chocolate flavour and although it is quite strong, it goes well with a nice cup of coffee to compliment it.
The pies are lush and satisfying, I enjoyed the one I had, but I found myself not even tempted to have a second as it would have been far too rich – even for me!
By cinabar

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