2 March 2013

Papaya Juice (Day In Supermarket, Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

Cinabar reviewed J2O Papaya Punch, which was a peach and papaya juice drink. This Papaya Juice was produced by Famous House Food Industrial Corporation, in Taiwan. It was presented in an orange 340ml can with an illustration of a cow on the front (which confused me to start with, but makes sense if you read on). At 153 calories, with 1.3g of fat and 27g of sugar, the ingredients included; water, papaya juice, cane sugar, milk powder (for the cow on the front), emulsifier (to make the milk powder and papaya juice mix well together) and carotene (that made sense of the orange can, and also for good skin and better night vision). Usually the health benefits on these drinks are left blank, so I was pleased to see that this drink contained 6% of Vitamin A, 3% of Vitamin C and 4% of Calcium. Sure it might sound a bit low, but it’s better than nothing or a swift kick in the Cobbler's Awls! I noted the orange milky colour on pouring this Papaya Juice. The drink itself tasted like a smooth papaya milkshake. The papaya flavour was not overpowering and the drink was not overly sweet or at all sour. This Papaya Juice had a very pleasant, serene, refreshing and healthy feel to it. I could quite happily drink one a day and would like to see it in cartons, rather than smaller cans, so I could drink as much as I like, whenever I like.
By Spectre

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