7 March 2013

Zenya - Naturally Brewed Green Tea with Honey Lemon [By @NLi10]

In return for a favour a friend of mine picked me up a bottle of this Zenya tea which he'd previously raved about. Unusually for bottled tea it actually tasted of all the things that it claimed to on the bottle. This was a bold statement, but one I was happy to test.

I'm a big fan of Honey Lemon chicken and it's my baseline - go to - dish in new Chinese restaurants to see just how well they can do the classics. My current favourite is New Sum Ye in Birmingham, but they do tend to give you cutlery instead of chopsticks when ordering such an Anglicised dish!

The tea is brewed and not made from powder - which is as you would expect from an asian import. Unusually this is made in Thailand not Singapore, so the flavour balance is subtlety different. The first major hit is the lemon which is delicate and doesn't assault the senses like artificial versions do. This is followed up by the warmth of the honey. This isn't my most favourite of flavours, but here it works well as a brief interlude before the green tea takes over and provides a strong, lasting aftertaste.

This is less of a thirst quencher tea than the Mr Kong lemon teas, but is also less sweet and great as a slow drink. In fact it took me two sittings to drink the small bottle as I was savouring the flavour.

I'll definitely try out a few more of these (legends tell of a pomegranate flavour version...) and see how they fare.
By NLi10

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Anonymous said...

where did you get it in the uk? i love this stuff