17 March 2013

Click 'N' Mix - Jar of Sweets (@The_Gobstopper) [by @NLi10]

Our good friends at The Gobstopper offered us the chance to try thir new idea - click'n'mix. Essentially this is like a remote version of the old Woolworths favourite pick & mix, and without all the hygeine issues from children putting their dirty hands into the sweets instead of using the scoops. These are not pre-selected sweets - you choose three or more specific types of sweet from the long list of favourites and they arrive speedily & neatly mixed in one of those Kilner jars that are all the rage at the moment.

I decided to be a bit different and instead of choosing my established favourites, pick things that I hadn't had for a while - the kind of things I'd grab at the cinema sweets stand. As you can easily spend £5 at the cineam pick & mix the jar for £10 was expensive, but not unjustifiable due to the size. In keeping with this I took them with a group of 7 of us to see the new Oz film (which is nice in a family friendly way, and doesn't try to tamper with the story of the musical verson of the original too much).

I chose:
Raspberry Bonbons - these just sounded nice and were something I'd not had.
Pink chocolate hearts - these looked like a cross between jazzies and pink pigs, both of which I love.
Fish & Chips - these I'd had before, but I do like the white fondant chocolate so thought I'd have these to round it out.

It also has the nice effect of a pink white & blue jar that looks pretty enogh for a present, which I guess is the main target market for these as you can just buy the bags from the site too for personal use (or to refill the jar).

First up I wnt for the bright blue bob-bons. The initial flavour of these was a little disappointing, as i'd expected them to be sour on the outside, but after a little suck & chew action the flavour burst through and I was happy to have chosen them. Far from being the hard boiled sweet with a powder coating I was expecting these are like a very grown-up wrapper-less chew. These are smaller than the other sweets in the jar and filled in the gaps and so seem to be the most plentiful - no bad thing, My friends were all tempted by these during the film and were glad that they were not too powerful, but enjoyed the flavour. A hit.

Second up was the pink hearts. These are quite large and I think were the least plentiful in the jar. More familiar versions of this fondant choc are in the pink pigs which crop up frequently, but the addition of the hundreds-and-thousands on the top make these taste more like a white Jazzie with a more rounded aftertaste. The texture change makes it quite interesting, and gives you something to do during the trailers when you have to find them all in your mouth. I liked these and they grew on me, but they aren't a must buy.

Lastly we have the white fondant fish & chips. These have a much milkier taste than I remembered, which is probably due to the posher white choc I've been sampling. These are a good cinema sweet as they are big, non sticky and don't crumble or make noise. While there are possibly more exciting things to select on the site these were least numerous in the jar by the end of the night - maybe as the pink ones had sank to the bottom, but a lot of the girls just had one extra of these after the movie suggesting they are also a hit.

Taking a large glass jar into the cinema probably isn't the best use for this. As a nice present (Easter maybe?) or something to have out on display it's quite nice. I may take my jar to work. As you'd think there is still about half a jar left so it would probably have lasted another visit to the cinema.

If you are buying for personal use and don't need the jar then I'd probably just buy the individual sweets, but it's nice to have a luxury moment occasinally.

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